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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Glass houses

So yet again, had given me lemons, and like a true champion of the cause i was thinking tequilla and not lemonade! But alas, not all life's answers can be found in a shot of Cuervo. So it seemed i was going to have to be an adult and actually deal with it (barf). 

I was at the wonderful place that i imagine old men with white beards writing cliche's about, while the modern wimp gets another self-help book. I can almost hear my English teacher bandying around phrases like "stuck between a rock and a hard place" or one or other unfaithful bastard shouting "Bitches be loco" while he shakes his head! Fact is they're both true.

This modern tragedy features the unfaithful bastard, the very well dressed damsel in distress and the friend who shat on her happy ending, well something of the sort.

So in any credible Kingdom the traitors would be banished, or if it was an Islamic state stoned to death, but in little world i live in, it just didn't seem as easy as booting them out as the crowd sang Ce la vie!

The fact is break ups are easy or they're hard but there is something different about ending a friendship. There is something about letting someone be a part of your life in that way that makes it hard to simply make the cut. But simultaneously, one cannot be a dumping ground for people's shitty decisions.

One of the hardest decisions in life is which bridge to burn and which bridge to cross, so what to do?? 

Personally? Pass me the gasoline, lets burn this motherfucker down.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Friends, Flakes and Faders

I'm not really your run-of-the-mill nice, girl next door, kind of person. Ok, to be honest, im not that person at all. Mainly because i don't really see the point in walking around smiling at every Tom ,Dick and Jabulani that has decided that the one drunken conversation you had now means they know you.

This devil-may-care attitude of mine stops right there i'm afraid. Because when it comes to friends I all but give up a liver- just in case you need one some day. I don't know whether thats because im loyal or because im stupid but for whatever reason, i'm that friend.

This weekend i learnt what friendship really means, and its not taking shots at the bar together, or laughing at that badly dressed person you walked past or even being there that one time I cried. Friendship is consistency, it is bending over backwards, it is going out of your way to be there for the other person. Friendship is listening to them tell the same story about the same douchebag over and over until they are over it, essentially, friendship is admin.

And thats what i expect, because that's what i give. But lets face it, thats a bit of a tall order. And thats what i learnt this week while i was somewhere between my fifth tequilla shot and a nervous breakdown, that not all friends fit that exact category and thats ok- As long as you remember who is whom.

So let me break it down for you:
1. They are there to laugh, to drink, to do stupid things, to dance in the rain with you. But thats all they are.
2. They are there to cry, to pray, to tell you you deserve better, to weather the storm. But thats all they are.
3. They are there to laugh, to pray, to do stupid things, to get you to dry ground. They are everything.

And thats it. You can't always have everything in everyone, but when you do, hold on to it and fight for it because for every number three there are a dozen other people pretending to pick you up while secretly hoping you'll fall.

Me and my Blair

So essentially this post is a salute to all my beautiful everything people, to *Speckle and *Lollipop this is also to the life lessons learnt with a shot Cuervo in my hand. This is to growing up, with or without you.