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Friday, 17 August 2012

The things they don't tell u in matric

Ive done, REALLY DONE the whole varsity thing. I have had one too many- one too many times- i have pulled countless all nighters, spent long nights laughing with friends and been there when the club lights came on. I have found "love" (for lack of a suitable diminutive) here, lost love here and laughed and cried so hard i thought whichever excruciatingly beautiful top i was wearing would split in half -but more than anything i have grown.

So the other day, between chapters, i decided to write a little checklist of my stepping stones.

p.s. The beauty is in the subtext...


1. You will be tested, you will not have the material to study, so you will fail.
2. You will be tested, you will have the material but you will not stusy, so you will fail.
3. You will be tested again, but this time you will study, you will know the questions, you will have the answers. Then just as you think you will pass they will change the questions and you will fail.
4. Finally you will realise that the test was not about the questions or the answers, it was about how much you really knew, only then will you pass.

1. Friends will fail you when they meant to fail, when they didnt and when they didnt realise they had.
2. When you can't tell your enemies from your friends stop trying to see them, they will show you.
3. When you finally know the difference, ask God to let them go: you will not be strong enough.

1. People will speak badly of you. They will lie about you, they will tell the truth about you and it will hurt.
2.These people are usually badly dressed, overweight or unnattractive, it will piss you off.
3.The best you can do is be honest with yourself and those that matter.

1. When you feel lost, truly lost, that is when God will find you and redeem you.
2. Your past, your mistakes, they can either strengthen your character or swallow it whole.

Above all, when you have passed the test, when you have learnt the lessons; don't go back and re-take the test, you will fail.

17 August 2012- A little grown, a little wiser but not all the way there.