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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ho's will be ho's

Ok, i get it. Its the century of short skirts, long weaves and loose morals. We're "young and wild and free" or whatever it is that we tell ourselves but there comes a time when "one too many" happens one too many times. now you might be wondering where i'm going with this because how am I -Jose Cuervo's wife -lecturing anyone about drinking? Not to worry, knock it back. Today i wanna talk about ho's. And again, no disclaimer, feel free to give me the side eye all you want! lol.

Obviously being a whore is bad for business but lets skip the whole moral aspect, what i want to talk about is that laugh out loud moment when a guy treats a ho like a ho and she gets upset.

In my usual spirited discussions with *Tequilla who also happens to be the bad boy of life (and you know girls are suckers for a bad boy) he said something quite profound: "essentially if you act like a ho you will be treated like one". Sad but true.

As girls, as women and someones future wife, we need to do better. We need to do more than just pout prettily and take shots and we certainly need to do more than rolling from bed to bed. Because unfortunately the rules are different for girls, you can't sleep with two guys on one night and expect us to hi five you, what we will do is shake our heads and cc you in a tweet about girls costing the cause.

What i'm trying to say is be careful. Know your worth and live it. If not, then please don't be surprised when he calls you to "chill" at 2 am, or when he ignores you the next day or when he tells everyone about it, because that's what you are now: something to do between chapters.
For those of us who would prefer to keep our dignities intact, the next time some barely-even-average nigga comes with his barely-even-entertaining one liners repeat after me: "Bat is for free, you can just get", then go to the bar and buy YOURSELF a drink and toast to the basic ho that is probably going to fall for it.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Oh so Lovely

I have always thought about myself as being a "Serena" fan. Not just because her legs go on forever but for those "I was meant to have a black card" moments i have every episode when Serena appears wearing sheer perfection (Two such moments below). But after looking at Blake Lively's Glamour shoot i realised that its more than just the character, its the package.

This is not a fashion blog by any measure but i thought id do something different for this post, not least because i shouldn't be the only person wondering if i missed my calling in life (Hollywood high society).. So let the drool and self-loathing begin ;)

Monday, 10 October 2011


So i'm going to go ahead and not put a disclaimer on this one, firstly because of poetic license or whatever but mostly because this is my blog and i am free to say whatever it is that's on my mind, read the "bio" - this is about the things we're thinking behind our smiles.. So essentially, love it, hate it or discuss it around the dining hall table i'm going to call it as i see it.

So today's blog is about haters. And yes, that term is more second line of a Kanye West song than i usually go for but alas, the term is kind of perfect. Just for kicks i looked up the word hater in the urban dictionary and i finally found it somewhere between no one cares and get a life. Hater is defined as being: " A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. " 

Essentially, if you spend your time discussing someone who genuinely has no interest in you, i immediately assume that you are a standard loser, that or you are incredibly bored. More than that though, i think we live in a very coddling society where people will all but actually burn you at the stake for not being "politically correct" but does that now mean we should walk around campus in sackcloth hoping that at some point everyone is going to like who we are and what we say? Please. Kindly get over yourself.

What i find even funnier than the fact that people take time out of their degrees to actually hate is the fact that more often than not the person being hated on doesn't even know they exist. Kind of awkward when you think about it huh?

So bottomline, pay them no mind. Be exactly who you are. Be fearless, be well dressed but most of all be unapologetic for it. If they can't take it, that's for them and their crappy weaves to deal with.

But then again, who are they?