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Monday, 25 April 2011

Talk is cheap..

We say: “he broke my heart”, “he’s an asshole”, “how could he do this to me”.. But never once in our rant do we ever think to portion some blame to the pathetic, sad excuse of a person that was running around lapping up every half-baked lie and excuse that was thrown her way. We never think to portion blame for the person that blatantly refused to listen to every person, sign and experience that told her it wasn’t real.

I’m starting to think that maybe there is some inherent part in a girls psyche that breeds stupidity and blind trust, something that seems to outweigh intelligence and his three, five, nine girlfriends something that says its ok to be treated badly as long as he sometimes smiles at you or kisses you or pretends to love you. Its sad really, to look around and see girl after girl do the same thing in some derivative of the same relationship with some derivative of the same dipshit.

And I know I’m starting to sound like that aloof person who knows better and is merely tutting at all the naïve little people screwing around with their emotions but I’m not. Mostly because I’m a girl and maybe a little bit because we all want to believe that people can change, that if we are witty enough and our weave is straight enough and we can find that perfect little black dress to go with our killer smile somehow it will all work out.

But it wont.

So no, I’m not aloof, I don’t know better but I’ve been battered and bruised and I’ve come out even better dressed on the other side, I can only hope that next time *Strohrum comes around with his charm and his smile and his humour ill walk away, and if that’s not enough that ill run to a place where I can finally tut at the naïve little people still listening intently to the big fibs told by little men.

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