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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The madness that it is men

"Nice guys finish last". That is, or  at least should be, the bad boy motto. Why? Its true. The truth is, at one or other point in a girls life we all fall for that asshole who all but actually said he was an asshole (mine actually said that) while there was a perfectly nice guy who just wanted to make us happy. But thats boring right?

That i understand, sometimes you want to play on the edge, laugh a little, flirt a little, whatever. What i don't understand is why somewhere between laughing and flirting we want something more and just like that we forget who we're dealing with.

He is going to hurt you. Why? Because he's done that to every single girl before, and soon to be, including you. He will cheat on you, then after three weeks, three months or five years you will dump him and two days later he will start seeing someone better looking than you. Yes, he might not do exactly that or in that order but your dipshit is not so different from mine or any other person's so i'm willing to bet he's going to hurt you and for someone who "knew what they were doing" you'll be just a little bit too hurt, just a tad too surprised.

So what's this blog about? Men and stupidity and for once just being the one person who just says "no". Who just smiles and turns on their designer shoe and tells him just where to shove it (anywhere but in you!). If not, take a number, because thats what you are now. Welcome to "I should have known better", you live here now.

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