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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Doing You

So its been a little while since my last blog post, but when you're in a country that reminds you why it is they   call it the third world, internet like a boyfriend who doesn't cheat is hard to come by. So i took this time to drink with friends, to laugh and to renew all the things i appreciate about my character then i flung myself back  into the thick of things.

And its during that flinging phase that all our little resolutions and promises of doing better are tested. But this year i didn't make any resolutions, primarily because i suck at them. But i did make a promise, not just for this year or for when my ex boyfriend comes around selling his dreams, but for life: Never cheapen the brand.

That means never compromise, never buckle under pressure, don't make decisions that take away from who you are: in other words just do right by you. So that's the plan, do you and do it in the shortest skirt you own.

And often that means that people no longer get to be part of your story, be ok with that. We all have friends we lost in the war (a friend i lost in the war taught me that one). So ce la vie to bad men, bad decisions and bad friends. And hello to better clothes, better memories and yes, better marks (that's what varsity is about afterall) and when it comes down to it, whatever happens, just make sure your character survives it.

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