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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Friends are few

I haven't blogged in a while, because life, and mostly because blogging requires a kind of openness and fearlessness that I haven't had lately. That said, thank you for good people and the peace they bring.

So today we are talking about friends.

By that I mean the people who carry you when no one has even noticed that you've fallen. I have found as I grow older that good friends are hard to come by. Drinking friends? Lets paint our nails and drink wine friends? Those come very easy but those are never the people you can call when even your skin feels heavy.

I'm not a very, sit around a fire and pour my heart out kind of person, it is hard for me to be vulnerable and scared so it takes that much more effort to be a good friend to me. I know that. But I have been lucky enough to find the kind of friends who take the time to know me, to read me and to be there without my asking. The kind who will not push, but will sit there talking about everything but the issue just so I know I am not alone. The kind who listen when I am finally ready. Thank you.

My advice today, seeing as I know nothing everything about nothing, is love the crap out of the people who love you. Be kind. Be consistent. Be there. Most importantly, be incredibly grateful for the people who take the time to be in your life. It isn't always easy.

Boipelo, my nigga, this post is for you, because you are a better friend than you realise. I love you.


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