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Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Call it what you want- "Friends with benefits", "Fuck buddies", "Colossally shitty idea" either way, you should most probably just take a cold shower and let that go. So yes, there's nothing quite as fun as that no holds barred time of flirting without expectation, fucking without drama and still getting to laugh while you cuddle but alas, like all good things it ends in that akward moment when you see him hooking up with someone else and all of a sudden you're that jealous girl giving stank in the club!!

I mean yes, i could launch into my already rehearsed speech about how you need to put your friendship first but to be honest, that doesn't really convince me either, cause lets face it, we're the exception right? Wrong. With benefit friends, someone always pulls a Charlie Sheen, loses their job, but for some reason still thinks they're #winning. He WILL fall for you, or even more likely, you will for him and end up like every other notch on his bedpost: forgotten.

Then you get friendships like me and *Tequilla, we didn't quite start out as most friends do-insert wink- and even now that we are friends, there is always that undercurrent of sexual electricity so whats the harm right? Again, wrong. Ok, to be honest, i'm not sure. The truth is it's a little less black and white when the weather is grey and all but actually screams "FORNICATE BITCHES!!!!"

The world preaches that sex is just sex but i don't buy that. I think sex is just as much emotion as it is legs in the air-mid shriek-carnal, screwing. But seriously though, there is no such thing as "No strings attached", its just a matter of who will be the sap standing alone with their banjo in the rain- I know, i should watch fewer American movies!

So yes, go for it if that's what you want to do but remember your manners: Guests usually take gifts to a party. In this case i'd suggest a marker... For his bedpost.

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