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Monday, 2 May 2011

Emotional concealer

Now i'm not really a make-up person, partly because im so fucking hot (just joking) but mostly because its tedious and fake to spend an hour turning myself into someone i'm not. But at the very thought of a lovebite i am the first person reaching for the concealer because lets face it, love bites are glorified tramp stamps. Hickies are ugly and they don't match the rest of your skin, they are a reminder to you and everyone that sees you that you have deviated from the path.

We all have that part of ourselves which we'd rather pretend didnt exist. That part of us that makes us go back to ex-boyfriends and betray our values and our friends, that part of us that we hide behind lipgloss and aviators, until we get to our rooms and we are faced with the fact that we can be better. That part of us that is kind of like a hickie: ugly and doesn't match the rest of us.

And thats the important part: perspective. It doesn't match the rest of us. We might not be all good but we're not all bad either.

Yet there i was dabbing concealer on both my hickies.. But then it dawned on me that concealer merely hides the bruise, it doesn't take it away. You can fool everyone but when you touch your neck, it'll still be a little tender, a little sore and u'll know that under the concealer there is that little bit of ugly.

So i took it off and i saw myself exactly as i was, not quite pretty but not quite ugly. Not quite lost but a little way from found.

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