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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Just Friends?

They lied to you. Who? Everyone.
All of the people that said you looked nice in that horrendous skirt you're wearing or told you that wearing a midrift bearing top in 2011 was still in fashion and even worse the people who said you can be friends with your ex.

Gasp!! I can almost hear the chorus of "What the hell do you know" screaming through cyber-space from all the naive little people who are either still in love with their ex's but have been friend zoned so hard they have to pretend that thats what they wanted too, or from the ones who think their ex isn't into them when he all but actually drools and starts scratching his man bits every time you so much as smile a him.

And then there are those who don't fit either of those categories and are sitting there smugly thinking they got it right. Hi, i see you Self-righteous- and you're even more deluded than the rest. Thats really the saddest place to be because its there in emotional Siberia where you are most likely to just have no idea of what the hell is going on. Let me guess, you genuinely see him as a friend but somehow you still kind of miss something more and you relate to Adele a little more than you should? Yep. He's not your friend. 

So what does this all mean? Do you toss him out like that awful skirt and turn that midrift into the wash rag it so desperately needs to be? Maybe. What you don't do though, is run around like you've got it all figured out throwing around the term "just friends" like you have even an inkling of what that means.

The fact is ex-boyfriends suck and break-ups reeeeeeeally suck and no amount of being cordial or civil or friendly is going to change that. Especially if like *Strohrum your ex is really the reason Kanye West released "Toast to the douchebags" (Yeah, he's really not your friend).

My advice, be honest. People really aren't as stupid as we like to think.l If you're not over him, he knows that, so just wait until you are. If he's not over you, don't be a bitch, leave him alone till he is- and no one buys that whole "I really didn't know" bullshit you're selling.

There is no blueprint for getting over someone, just like there is no Guantanamo for people in Corduroy pants or Al Qaeda for shops that sell mini-skirts in sizes above a 36, thats life and love and it really just kind of sucks. 

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  1. hahaha!!lets drink to that! - once again, you're (witty) words of wisdom leave me fully entertained :)
    ja hey?but he isnt ur friend. life.