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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Highschool never ends.

So I am in varsity, or so I thought. It seems everywhere can all of a sudden transform into an episode of mean girls and lipgloss and dirty looks. Be it crèche, high school or the inside of a lecture theatre there seems to be no difference.  But these days we have traded diapers for plaid skirts and plaid skirts for sparsely attended lectures and it seems all of those for some misinformed belief that we form some sort of panel to judge people’s lives.

So where is this coming from? Its coming from laughing at all the kids who didn’t get gold stars in crèche, cringing at the fat girl in the class in high school and tutting at all the girls we label “ho’s” in varsity. But mostly it is from the realization that we think its ok, that its expected.  That we live in a world where we are held hostage by other people’s opinions of us.

So whether we are biting back tears when we are the butt of someones joke, pretending we don’t care when we realise what that statement really means when you remove the “lol” or laughing at some poor sap wearing cordrouy pants in 2011, the fact is, we are all of them.

We are the panel of haters, we are the girl we shake our heads at, and sometimes, we are a mix of the two. Its at this point that I want to throw in my plaid and my lectures for some common sense. Can we all just grow up and get lives? Can we get to a place where we our smiles are genuine, our exes aren’t crazy and we stop the running commentary on other peoples lives?

Really. If you’re anything like me, you should be too pretty and well dressed to care that the next person isn’t.

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