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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Prince Charming

Im sure we’ve covered this already but I am genuinely not your cuddly, approachable, poncho wearing, skips down the road kind of girl. I sincerely doubt I ever read fairytales or if I did I am quite certain I did not believe in them. The natural extension is then, that I wouldn’t believe in all the faggy, naïve business about there being this “the one” person for every single person- well I didn’t… Until I did.

While speaking to my friend *Boo she said one of the most profound things ive heard since “Do-rags are no longer in fashion”.  She said “I cannot wait until I am worthy of the man that God has prepared for me”.
Now I’m a Christian and I genuinely believe in the fact that God wants us to have everything that we need and even want for an awesome life. But “the one”?? In a world where fidelity is just about as rare as Christians who are actually Christians?? Cumaaan right? Well I’m not so sure anymore.

After breaking down what *Boo said, I saw too things: WAIT and WORTH. The truth is we live in a very quick fix kind of world, and that translates to us changing boyfriends between Tequilla shots and “falling in love” with any guy who so much as smiles or buys us a drink and two minutes later says he loves us.

I don’t think when it comes to love- REAL love- its meant to be some sort of heady gallop down the aisle. I think real love takes waiting and saying no, not just to that free drink but to the insanely cute guy holding it.
But what is love really in a world where it is thrown around at even the chance of it resulting in a shag? Look im 20, I don’t really know, but I when I think of real love, I imagine the kind of love which is patient and kind, which is slow to anger and quick to forgive, the kind of love which is faithful and honest. The kind of love which does not beat you or berate you or sleep with your best friend. The kind of love you have to work for and wait for, where your head and your heart are all but screaming yes.

But if my incredibly idealistic version (now that im proof reading) is anything like what love really is then the idea of worth makes sense. Look, if you’re a crappy person I sincerely doubt that it makes sense for God to send you a man who will give you that kind of love, because you’re not worth it. Maybe that’s why we keep dating different kinds of the same asswipes, because shit attracts flies.

So yes, girl lying in a strange man’s bed, yes, girl passed out in the ladies bathroom at the club every weekend you are not worthy of Prince Charming, mostly because you are a frog. 

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