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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Pat for your weave?

In 2011, or as I like to refer to it: the “pansy” generation we are urged to speak our minds… but as euphemistically as possible. *yawn*
My problem with this, other than the fact that its just pansy, is that I don’t understand why people want to behave in socially abhorrent ways and then expect us to just snicker and side-eye them quietly. So today I’m going balls to the wall, and yes girl with the synthetic or multi coloured weave, I see you and no, I do not like you.
Now I am the ultimate weave person, by that I mean, black weaves, brown weaves, long weaves, short weaves, as long as it’s a weave (and it can stand heat without shriveling like I’d imagine the dignity of the person with a plastic weave) then I’m a fan.
Before I get into it, let me first give you a clear explanation of what is and is not a weave:
1.       If it is synthetic, it is not a weave.
2.       If there are three strands of it on your entire head, no hunny, not a weave.
3.       If it is green, or pink, or it has blue streaks, it should not be a weave.
4.       If it is any combination of the above? Get the fuck outta here with that! (yeah, I said it.)
I get it, weaves- like other people’s boyfriends- are what’s done in 2011. But what people need to understand about fashion and life in fact, is that some things are not for everyone. And some things which are “fashionable” are not fashion, they are just a tacky gang mentality.
In my many spirited discussions about these pseudo- weaves people say things like “maybe she can’t afford a human hair weave” and granted, maybe she can’t… THEN SHE SHOULD’NT!!!! I cant afford a Louis Vuitton handbag, so guess what, I’m not prancing around with a bad knockoff, I simply pine in silence.
The there are those poor souls who apparently just have no taste. Now, that happens… apparently. But where are your friends?
Now I am not suggesting something drastic like, go live on an island where there is no sun to blind us with the glare of the disrespect on your head, I’m just saying, get braids. Simple as.

In preparing for this blog I decided, rather than have a seizure every 5 minutes, to celebrate those people doing it right! So here are a few pictures of those people living every day like the camera lights are flashing. Viva le Good Life!

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